Wednesday, 10 January 2018

David Beckham (by Alejo)

David Beckham

Football is the most important thing in David's life. He stopped school when he was 16 because he went to play football for Manchester United Junior.                        
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 In 1992, when David Beckham was 17 years old, he was  a professional. 
"Football is my dream" says David.
David Beckham was the captain of the England team. His number was 7.
In June 2003 he joined Real Madrid and his number was 23.
After that he played football in LA Galaxy (United State), Milan (Italy), and  in Paris Saint-Germain (France).
David is married to Victoria Adams from the band the Spice Girls.
He has 4 children;  Brooklym, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.
Brooklym Joseph was born on 4th March 1999, Romeo James was born on 1st September 2002, Cruz David was born on 20th February 2005 and Harper was born on 10th July 2011.

On the 16th May 2013, Beckham announced his retirement from professional football when the French football season finished.

In 2005, Beckham founded the David Beckham Academy football school, operating from two cities ; London and Los Angeles.
 In  2009 it was announced that the two schools were going to close.
Beckham is creating a  mobile academy  and he  has supported UNICEF for a long time. 

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